Welcome to the public database of the regulation EU 2017/745 "MDR"

Although this is not an official publication of the European Union it reflects the entire content of the MDR as a linked database.

Why that?

It is quite common to handle the regulation by using a document version in HTML, PDF or printed.
With complex regulations plus the related guidance documents and also corrections this becomes difficult to maintain and manage.

This is where a structured database comes into play.

From now on you see the MDR as a hierarchical tree of text fragments which in total exactly represent the MDR. These text fragments are numbered and from now on you simply can follow theses numbers, communicate any issues by simple numberss instead of long descriptions of "Article x, number (y), sentence (z) and then have to scroll or search your document.
From now on as n example simply write MDRQ #2182 and everybody will easily land at the UDI requirements.

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